Manhole Mould For Hastie

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Manhole Mould For Hastie

Re-adjustable multifaceted mould is simple and reliable in operation. I t is equipped with removable forming elements in the end faces of the form and removable forming element of top hatch cover.

Concrete manholes are used for building of electrical and other communication networks for protection and maintenance facilitation of junctional sections. Every product have a marking with a construction and reinforcement type and dimensions.

Manholes consists of two sections, lower and upper. Such sections includes horizontal surfaces and a halves of side faces. Upper section is provided with a latch opening. Usually side faces are provided with a mounting eyes and rag bolts. There are different types of manholes. Depending on place of installation manholes can be L-type, straight-type and stationary. Stationary manholes are most common. Manholes can be rectangular, round or prismatic shape.


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