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About Us

LTP Engineering is a well-established engineering metalworking specialist that has provided such comprehensive technological solutions for machinery and specialized projects. We have successfully achieved due to our long-term commitment to high-quality, safe, and sustainable industry practices. With a solid reputation in the precast industry, LTP Engineering offering a diverse range of services starting from preliminary mold design to comprehensive and extensive projects for precast manufacturing plants with commissioning and personnel training.

With a highly qualified team of planners and production management, small and large projects can be costed and planned to ensure our deliveries are well guaranteed with every stage of the projects. Also, quality control and assurance are well monitored throughout every production stage to ensure all precast modules meet all design specifications given.

LTP Engineering Factory covers more than 8,000sqm and has the latest production technologies. Our workforce consists of fully skilled and highly motivated production teams. As a medium-sized company, we can be flexible with efficient communication channels to our clients. We walk beside our clients, share with them our objectives to ensure every project is heading the right direction.

Our Certification & Recognition

LTP Engineering has surpassed the Quality Management System (QMS) thoroughly to ensure that its high products and services fulfill clients’ requirements and expectations under the high standard of quality assurance and recognition. And, it has been certified with MS ISO 9001 since 2016.

LTP Engineering always engages and improves its design and development, production, and customer relationship to broaden product assortment and production capacity. Moreover, LTP Engineering is currently investing its profit to fully achieve IR4.0 by implementing and developing smart facilities and equipment to deliver real-time data evaluation with live data monitoring, increase productivity efficiently, and manufacturing cutting-edge products that are more robust and reliable. Not only it benefits LTP Engineering, but also it strengthens its customer trust and loyalty. Hence, LTP Engineering always keeps pace with its premium to make a better world.



Management Philosophy & Culture

Managing Director

Water is life. This is universal statement on its importance to all sentient life on earth. At LTP water is the source of a management philosophy that guides our way of life and our way of doing business

Executive Director

For us, quality is a way of life — for all our employees and in every stage of production. This is our guiding principle. Guaranteeing maximum safety defines what we do and is essential element of our manufacturing philosophy. With this in mind, our products is subjected to extensive and fully-documented endurance testing in compliance with internal safety requirements that often exceed applicable industry standard.


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