Structural Steel Works

Innovation makes the difference.

Structural steel work is simply a method to form a complex assembly of skeleton frames of building construction on-site, generally consisting of columns, channels, and beams that are riveted, bolted, or welded together. To meet customer’s aspirations on cost and
quality, LTP Engineering will always find a suitable and price-competitive way to consider the construction plans, practical erection sequences, design factors, buildability, site practice, and the types of election plant on site. Besides offering the steel structure fabrication plan, LTP Engineering does propose lots of new modification and alternation options to build up new columns, beams, roofing, pipe racks, pipe bridge, etc., which gives the edge for quality construction and durability. Typical procedures of structural steel work are listed below.

  1. Design and select the structural steel based on the standard requirements.
  2. Research by implementing structural calculation and CAD/CAM simulation to validate the sturdiness of the structural assembly.
  3. Structural steel preparation by implementing special tools such as laser/plasma cutting machine, bending or reshaping machine, bandsaw machine, and punches based on the design provided.
  4. Coating process for structural steel product as protection from degradation and rusting.
  5. Construct and assemble the products on-site based on the structural design.
  6. Actual structural testing after on-site construction or installation is fully accomplished when required.

LTP Engineering’s fabricating practices strictly follow the relevant accredited standards under local JKKP/DOSH and international standards. With all these standards, LTP Engineering always ensures every product and provision of services are fulfilled customer requirements and vital for sustainability.

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