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Perfect mixing technology for perfect results. Mixing stands for our philosophy of reasoned and perfected mixing technology processes. This is a philosophy we live by and involve in every detail of our products.

Previously, the manufacturer uses the same machinery and technology to perform projects no matter how the complexity is. But as the time comes, the off-the-shelf machinery simply cannot do in most of the manufactures. Things and technologies change quickly throughout decades when new products need new machinery type to design and fabricate them. Modification of the existing machinery like upgrading instrumentation, system, improve safety and integration, does not seem a good choice to implement once the machinery efficiency is unable to generate as efficient as the latest technologies. Hence, this could waste money by just upgrading old stuff. Once the current machinery has no functionality required or less efficiency for the operation, LTP Engineering offers the custom-build mechanical machines that may be necessary to most of the manufacturers needed to enhance the current production rate, increase throughput with accuracy, and decrease production downtime.

Traditionally speaking, the process to implement custom-build machines involves the customers approaching the respective team, describing what they need, and acquiring a quotation for finished goods, delivery, installation, and after-sale services. Nonetheless, this conventional
approach tends to mess up and unnecessarily cost lots of time and money. To reduce financial risk and ensure the completion of projects and services successfully done in an orderly manner, LTP Engineering typically uses a six-stage approach as listed on the Services page. It ensures that the project development gains customers’ loyalty and continues an open dialogue between LTP Engineering and customers.

  • Planetary Concrete Mixer

    A planetary concrete mixer consists of a mixing system, temperature and moisture sensors, discharging system, a high-pressure cleaning system, and an inspection hatch. The mixing system consists of two mixing paddles that rotate around the vertical axle in an optimized rotating star-pattern motion and speed. It gives a counter-current mixing action to achieve the desired homogeneity and workability in a short mixing duration.

    Planetary Concrete Mixer

  • Twin Shaft Mixer

    LTP Engineering twin shaft concrete mixers (from 0.75-6 m3 capacity depends on customer’s requirements) are robust and heavy compared to other types of mixers on the market today due to a high strength steel structure, abrasion resistance, and torsional resistance. All these properties give a long-life expectancy.

    Twin Shaft Mixer

  • Storage Hopper

    A storage hopper features either a stationary or movable temporary concrete storage container, simplicity or complexity control mechanisms with vibration components, hydraulically or pneumatically powered discharge door(s), either with a rail track and rolling system for the movable model or just in a fixed casting station, and a conveyor distributor in either one of them on requests. Fundamentally, the purpose of the storage hopper is to serve as a concrete storage/delivery to handle concrete distributed from traveling hoppers and then distributes concrete to the respective mold or concrete feeder machine accordingly.

    Storage Hopper

  • Travelling Hopper

    Traveling concrete hoppers are essential for every concrete batching plant and used for systematically distributing mixed concrete from the mixing section to another area such as casting areas, molds, etc. Why traveling concrete hoppers are way more imperative than conventional and manual precast concrete distribution? Not only because of efficiently increase productivity yet reduce time-consuming labor work by just manually distributing concrete to the respective casting area. Also, traveling concrete hoppers are fully integrated with an automation system to enhance transport efficiency and quality. 

    Travelling Hopper

  • Feeder Machine

    A movable concrete feeder machine features a storage hopper with vibration components, a tongue-like retractable conveyor system, and a control panel and power supply system. It serves as a concrete delivery to handle concrete from concrete mixers or traveling hoppers and distributes to the respective mold accordingly. The typical size of the movable concrete feeder machine is 7000 mm (L) x 2500 mm (W) x 2300 mm (H), attached with 1 m3 capacity of storage hopper rollers on guided rails.

    Feeder Machine

  • Block Making Machine

    Nowadays, block-making machines are the quintessential concrete block makers due to low labor cost production, excellent quality, greater reliability, and a greater demand for economical construction materials. Such various raw materials and recycled materials are compatible with the production of thousands of concrete units, which come in different sizes and shapes. This modern technique of making concrete blocks comes with removable, interchangeable, and adjustable molds enhances the production capacity with the minimal manual workload.

    Block Making Machine

  • Vertical Centrifugal Cast Machine

    Like the concrete batching plant, it is simply like a combination of hush puppy-style of concrete batching plant with conveyor system and several deep underground or shallow type of vertical cast molds just beside the batching plant. This compactness and space-saving vertical cast machine are much more cost-effective as compared to other traditional casting methods. It saves in construction costs, but also it is easy for installation and direct vertical casting process without the need for traveling hoppers and a complex concrete distribution to deliver concrete, thus resulting in saving labor costs and time to produce more high quality and competitive pricing pipes within a given plant compound. 

    Vertical Centrifugal Cast Machine

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