Pipeline Systems

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Precast concrete drainage is simply for constructing a ditch, drain and pipe consist of the long, or short, open, or closed, narrow, or wide channel and excavation dug into the ground to supply or remove water for many purposes such as irrigation, recreation landmark, wastewater removal, marine condition, sewerage treatment, and even dividing the land. Precast concrete drainage comes in various designs using different molds to fabricate them, such as round concrete pipe mold, underdrains, manholes concrete, three-sided precast concrete culvert, precast concrete box culvert, etc. Despite such purposes aforementioned, a modification of drainage serves a better waterway with a better enhancement of aesthetic view that comes into a modern world. In moving forward to an excellent quality of making precast concrete drainage, LTP Engineering always continues its assistance with precast corporates to provide better customizable drainage molds and fulfill various specifications and requirements given.

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