Wire Caging Machines

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An automated wire cage machine is a machine that produces reinforcement wire cages for the concrete pipe precast industry. It has an automatic system that welds cages with simplicity and minimal effort to construct a reinforced wireframe for concrete pipes. Error mitigation is the primary concern to ensure that the automated process gives minimum defect and unwanted quality issues. 

LTP Engineering Automated Wire Cage Machines produce wire cages typically range from Ø2000-4200 mm or other than the range based on specific customizations. These machines are reliable and durable due to stable construction and long lifespan, high versatility and production tolerances, high speed and welding capacity, user-friendly Touch Panel and PLC-control setups, free-rotating wrap wire de-coiler, 3-phases inverter welding system, and motorized wire cage supporting rack.

With LTP Engineering Wire Cage Solutions, these increase its wire cages productivity with greater flexibility and low maintenance and energy cost. Hence, these reduce and ease labor workload despite the resource constraints.

  • WC/WCSS-2000-150-12-TS

    This WC/WCSS 2000-150-12-TS-series wire cage machine is simply a conventional semi-automatic cage welding machine that utilizes precut longitudinal bars to produce only circular wire cages in various longitudinal lengths and cage diameters for concrete pipes with or without a spigot section, known as the bell. The longitudinal bars are fed manually into the main body of the wire cage machine.


  • WC/WCSS-2400-150-24-TS

    A wire cage machine is one of the machines that fabricate wire cage frames instantly instead of applying a time-consuming manual welding process. WC-WCSS 2400-150-24-TS-series offers greater flexibility for any users to operate it conveniently. It allows users to input preset, save the parameters, and references permanently for future purposes, which means that with just one push, the system automatically interprets the preset and starts the welding to fabricate specific sizes of wire cages.


  • WC/WCSS-3500-200-32-TS

    Through lots of analysis and clients’ needs, LTP Engineering develops the second-biggest series of WC-WCSS 3500-250-36-TS fully automated wire cage machine ever made that is high in quality standards, reliability, longevity, compatibility, and suitable for everyday harsh production and condition in the precast industry. It fabricates a round-type reinforced wire cage by implementing the resistance welding technology that does not require electrodes and shielding gas.


  • WC/WCSS-4200-250-20-TS

    In a modern world, reinforcement wire cages are getting more and more popular in piping construction projects, and they are quintessentially well-known around the globe. But some projects require a larger-scale machine to fabricate the large wire cages, which are yet available in most of the markets. Also, the conventional manual method to fabricate a larger wire cage is utterly time-consuming and labor-intensive progress, which is not very efficient and profitable for wire cage production in any circumstances.


All Wire Cage Machine Specifications
Model DescriptionWC/WCSS 2000-150-12-TSWC/WCSS 2400-150-24-TSWC/WCSS 3500-250-36-TSWC/WCSS 4200-250-36-TS
Main ControlFully PLC Control & Encoder Feedback SystemFully PLC Control & Encoder Feedback SystemFully PLC Control & Encoder Feedback SystemFully PLC Control & Encoder Feedback System
Touch ScreenYesYesYesYes
Input Current (A)200200300300
Input Voltage (V)415415415415
Frequency (Hz)50505050
Welding Capacity (kVA)150150250250
Max. Cage Longitudinal Length (mm)3300330035003500
Cage Diameter (Ø mm)330 -2100600 – 24001050 – 36002000 – 4200
Max. Longitudinal Bar/Wire Capacity (pcs)12243636
Longitudinal Bar/ Wire Size Range (Ø mm)4 – 94 – 96 – 126 – 12
Wrap Bar/ Wire Size Range (Ø mm)4 – 94 – 96 – 126 – 12
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