Mechanical Auto Glove Stripping Machine

We use high grade quality steel material to manufacture all type of natural/ synthetic rubber gloves and other dipped products dipping machinery & its supporting accessories.

LTP recently involved in Turnkey Glove Manufacturing projects. We have rich experience of learning and collaboration with clients . To achieve high stable operating in production line, we adopt the modular design equipment so it raises the output ratio. Moreover our complete technique transfer makes the production high stability, easy to maintain and repair. LTP will keep offering advanced and best quality equipment and after sales service suit to the industry.

With qualified team of planners and production management, small and large projects can be costed and planned to ensure delivery is guaranteed with each stage of project’s and quality control is monitored throughout each stage to ensure each module meets all design specification.

Our factory covering more than 8,000sqm has the latest production technology for material preparation to ensure consistency of material preparation and our workforce consists of a fully skilled and highly motivated production team. As a medium sized company we have the ability to be flexible with efficient communication channels with our clients. We walk beside our clients, share them our objectives toensure every projects is heading the right direction.




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