Concrete Batching Plants

The essence of LTP Batching Plants lies in its high reliability.

Concrete Batching Plants, Mixers, and other Production Equipment

A concrete batching plant is a combination of facilities and equipment used to combine essential ingredients such as water, ambient air, cement, admixtures, sand, aggregates, silica fume, fly ash, and slag to produce homogenous and uniform high-quality concrete. 

The heart of the concrete batching plant is the concrete mixer. It could be a single mixer, or a multiple mixer batching plant depends on customer requirement. Mixers come in various types are tilt-drum, pan, planetary, and twin shaft mixer. 

LTP Engineering offers a wide application range of wet-type stationary concrete batching plants with LTP concrete mixers ranges from civil infrastructures to precast applications to meet the stringent and diverse demands of concrete production industries. 

By implementing cutting-edge technologies to monitor plant components, design for easy installation and versatility, and using optimum materials for the plant construction, LTP Engineering ensures that every concrete batching plant is more durable, reliable, and cost-effective in the market.  

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