Oversea Project

Good cooperative with our overseas partners brings successful to us. As a precast concrete molding specialists, we rely on international collaboration and global projects. Our solutions enable optimal efficiency and give our customers greater freedom. Come join us the tour~

We are convinced that precast construction is the solution to the challenges of our time. Together it is our duty to create high-quality living spaces for the world’s rapidly growing population in a resource-efficient way. 



Oversea Project

we have passionately shaped the world of industrialized construction for more than 37 years. Our single focus on the precast concrete industry and our tireless atmosphere of innovation have helped us continue to embrace our spirit.

And this is exactly the reason where our company of precast construction & molding has the advantage: creating especially high-quality, long-lasting structures in a short amount of time.

WE are the best solutions for your precast molding project. Do you often think about how you could make your precast projects even more successful? Let us fill you in on a little secret: for us, it’s the question of your success that drives us. Our engine is customer satisfaction! We want to be a part of your success, come filled your dream with us.

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