Custom Engineering Fabrications

Full-service fabrication from concept to completion.

Engineering fabrication is generally a process that involves cutting, bending, and welding to form a specific structure and product. And yet, custom engineering fabrication involves material preparation and fabrication to meet customer needs instead of following the original look and standard size. LTP Engineering implements various specialized industrial equipment, combined with skilled craftsmen and a certified welding team to fabricate custom engineering fabrication projects.

Every custom engineering fabrication project always starts in the preliminary estimating stage after receiving customers’ drawings or obtaining requirements, which means that every single aspect of cost calculation and raw material acquisition made by estimators who work closely to project managers and purchasing managers to ensure that the necessity of fabrication project needs. Two forms of metal such as structural type (i.e., beams, angles, etc.) and sheet metal are ready for the fabricating stage once the design and analysis stage are completely made. There are three main processes of fabricating: metal cutting, forming, and assembly. The metal cutting process involves a laser, plasma, bending, shear, notch, punch, and saw; the forming process involves press baking and rolling; and the assembly involves joining and assembling through
welding, grinding, etc.

Once done, LTP Engineering QA/QC team performs a full inspection to ensure that every fabrication project adheres to the standard and requirements provided at all times. Having a qualified QA/QC team and skilled craftsmen continues to ensure that LTP Engineering’s best
practices and safety standards are maintained thoroughly.

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