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Custom Engineering Fabrications

Full-service fabrication from concept to completion.

Engineering fabrication is generally a process that involves cutting, bending, and welding to form a specific structure and product. And yet, custom engineering fabrication involves material preparation and fabrication to meet customer needs instead of following the original look and standard size. LTP Engineering implements various specialized industrial equipment, combined with skilled craftsmen and a certified welding team to fabricate custom engineering fabrication projects.

Every custom engineering fabrication project always starts in the preliminary estimating stage after receiving customers’ drawings or obtaining requirements, which means that every single aspect of cost calculation and raw material acquisition made by estimators who work closely to project managers and purchasing managers to ensure that the necessity of fabrication project needs. Two forms of metal such as structural type (i.e., beams, angles, etc.) and sheet metal are ready for the fabricating stage once the design and analysis stage are completely made. There are three main processes of fabricating: metal cutting, forming, and assembly. The metal cutting process involves a laser, plasma, bending, shear, notch, punch, and saw; the forming process involves press baking and rolling; and the assembly involves joining and assembling through
welding, grinding, etc.

Once done, LTP Engineering QA/QC team performs a full inspection to ensure that every fabrication project adheres to the standard and requirements provided at all times. Having a qualified QA/QC team and skilled craftsmen continues to ensure that LTP Engineering’s best
practices and safety standards are maintained thoroughly.

  • Cast Industrialized Building System Mould Table

    A Cast IBS Mold Table is one of the casting beds (like a typical casting base panel) that provides a large platform casting larger sizes of a concrete wall or retaining wall. This casting bed can be attached consecutively in either a vertical or horizontal manner upon any specification required. A flat platform on the casting bed is the crucial part so that it ensures that the bottom surface of the casting concrete is even throughout the casting and curing process. Generally, the size of the Cast IBS Mold Table for most of the IBS industry is 3600 mm (L) x 900 mm (W). Upon any requests, LTP Engineering offers customization for clients based on the requirements given.

    Cast Industrialized Building System Mould Table

  • Holcon Slab – Floating Solution

    HOLCON slab comprises top and bottom rectangular concrete slabs with its so-called rib cages steel rods in pyramid orientation that strengthen its structure. The concrete slab comes in various sizes and forms. Generally, the size is 4000 – 8000 mm (L) x 2000 mm (W) x 0.7 – 1.1m (H), and its typical slab thickness is 130 mm. Mold customization for making slab with specific size are available depending on customer requirement.

    Holcon Slab - Floating Solution

  • Pile Mould

    Square-section piles, like the shape of the monolith, are commonly used in any residential and industrial construction footings. Deepened in-earth piles transfer the whole weight of the building structure into a noncondensable earth layer, and so that these will ensure the flooring stability is sufficiently stable. To fabricate more piles at the same time, pile molds consist of reinforced frames with multiple partitions that allow the concrete mixture to be poured into molds and consolidate the concrete.

    Pile Mould

  • Prefabricated Foldable Rack

    A prefabricated foldable rack is a space-saving foldable rack that can be used for holding any heavy workpieces like concrete slabs and can be easily transported to any place if needed. Like an ordinary foldable table, it consists of two sets of supports at both ends, and it comes with an adjustable elevation mechanism at each support with just holes and pins. LTP Engineering offers a wide range of long-lasting and durable custom-made fabrication based on customer requirements and specifications. The size of this foldable rack is 4000 mm (L) x 2500 mm (W) x 2000 mm (H).

    Prefabricated Foldable Rack

  • Prestressed Plank Bed Mould

    Specially design for outdoor casting pre-stressed plank concrete bed that comes with the hydraulic tensioning system and stressing heads to strengthen a set of steel strands and fabricate more sturdy concrete pieces. This type of mold consists of supporting components with drill holes and sealing gaskets to provide an easy installation and ensure perfect sealing of the plank bed mold.

    Prestressed Plank Bed Mould

  • Structure Wall Rack

    It is a rack for storing and handling precast concrete walls and slabs piece by piece aligned when it is ready for transportation. LTP Engineering offers an extensive range of concrete storage racks and accessories for loading and hoarding concrete elements. Such typical size in these diagrams is 6000 mm (L) x 2500 mm (W) x 2340 mm (H).  LTP Engineering provides custom builds with specific sizes and requirements based on customer requirements.  

    Structure Wall Rack

  • Third Cyclone Stage

    This funnel induces cyclonic separation vorticity that separates particulates from gaseous state or liquid state medium. As per diagram, a 2515mm (L) x 2199mm (W) x 867mm (H) cyclone funnel is shown. Other sizes and structural design customization are available depending on customer requests.

    Third Cyclone Stage

  • Upper Tier Crosshead Temporary Steel Support Tower

    LTP Engineering does provide fabrication of any structures and components based on any customer description provided. Like Upper Tier Crosshead Temporary Steel Support Tower, typical structural sizing of each segment crosshead is more than 2000 mm in all dimensions. Such an upper-tier crosshead structure is suitable for making a temporary structural support tower, like building platforms for building construction.

    Upper Tier Crosshead Temporary Steel Support Tower

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