Spun Pipe Plants

State of the art concrete distribution system for precast plants.

Spun Pipe Plant

Spun Pipe Plant offers a precision-engineered and optimum functionality to fabricate concrete pipes. It consists spun pipe machine, feeder machine, traveling hopper, and storage hopper. Concrete pipe shaping machines feature vertical cast vibration technology that allows concrete to merge into the mold through vibration and hydraulic pressure system, making it the best and most efficient procedure for manufacturing concrete pipes. These machines operate safely, conveniently, and efficiently that provides quality finished products as per international standards.

Spun pipe machines support and spin pipe molds utilizing high-speed driven wheels powered by the motor. High-speed rotation produces the centrifugal effect that allows concrete to reinforce and compress into a highly dense solid cylindrical-hollow concrete along with the inner wall mold.

Spun pipes have good corrosion resistance and leak-proof properties. These are suitable for the construction of water drainage, sewerage, culvert, and irrigation system. And also, spun pipes are easy to maintenance and handling.

LTP Engineering provides customization for fabricating spun pipe machines based on customer requirements.

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