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LTP Engineering is the preferred specialist of precast industries for molds and others and wants to share some knowledge and skills to support contractors and any precast clients in realizing all their engineering projects by implementing and providing accurate solutions. Over 40 years of experience in the production of building components such as molds for stairs, retainer walls, prefabricated units and modules, cabins, floors, etc.

  • Industrialized Building System Lift Room Mould

    IBS Lift Room Mold consists of fully adjustable and hydraulically retractable inner molds, outer molds, and half-wall rebate panels on which all components can be fixed onto the base frame in such a way that the mold remains upper opening part for filling concrete. It has greater flexibility and versatility which can be easily assembled, demolded, and adjusted. This mold casts the size of concrete lift room is about 4500 mm (L) x 3150 mm (W) x 2700 mm (H) with the wall thicknesses of 100 – 300 mm depends on which part of walls. Any customizations needed? LTP Engineering has the capability to fulfill the specification according to the customer requirements.

    Industrialized Building System Lift Room Mould

  • Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU)

    This bathroom mold has a retractable inner core, a fixed base panel, and all-side movable outer panels with tracks attached to the base panel. All outer panels are attached to guiding tracks which allow outer panels to move along the tracks back and forth. By doing so, the demolding process is much simple without compromising the casted concrete. External vibrators are provided and attached to the outer panels to ensure that unsolidified concrete has high compactness with lesser porosity. The bathroom size produced is 48 sqft, 3-meter height, and an 80-mm wall thickness of a prefabricated bathroom. The typical mold size with tracks is 7000 mm (L) x 6000 mm (W) x 3800 mm (H). LTP Engineering does provide any customization to suit customer needs other than the size stated above.

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    Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU)

  • Staircase Mould

    LTP Engineering offers an extensive range of made-to-measure vertical or horizontal staircase molds suitable for any construction with modern techniques according to customer needs. Such staircase molds provide either fixed dimension type or variable dimensions type with interchangeable inserts but depend on which kind of mold is made. Fixed dimension staircase mold has a simple structure, and it gives only a single type of staircase shape, whereas the variable dimensions type provides multiple choices of making a various number of widths or steps on the staircase with the help of interchangeable inserts. And some staircase molds provide interchangeable steps but without adjustable widths. Typical staircase sizes and specifications for vertical and horizontal staircases are listed below:

    Staircase Mould

  • Wall Mould

    This wall mold has two side panels on the rail tracks connected to the base panel as well. Side panels’ size can be up to 8000 mm (L) and 3000 mm (H) that can fabricate walls up to 150 mm wall thickness (W). Optional mold design comes with a broad base panel for casting base concrete floor up to 2000 mm (L) x 2000 mm (W) x 40 mm (H) to support the vertical concrete wall shown in the diagram section. It is simply an indoor formwork mold with an upper part opening for concrete pouring consisting of several compartments for casting an extra portion of concrete-like stiffeners. 

    Wall Mould

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