LTP Engineering  has multiple years of extensive construction/architecture expertise with integrity contributed to various projects for private owners, government agencies, architects, subcontractors, and suppliers. For turnkey projects, LTP Engineering composes proposals based on the clients’ requirements and specifications, prepares a complete construction and delivery, and handles the clients’ interactions during the process. The turnkey project comes with a turnkey contract that includes design plans, facility constructions, project
management services, schedules, and budget allocation. With all professional talents in such a company, LTP Engineering strives to engage the entire construction process with clients and offers both general contractors and construction management services for such various buildings and clients. LTP Engineering also firmly believes that accomplishments and reputation continue to grow and will do all that LTP Engineering can to achieve better goals.

Do you often think about how you could make your precast projects even more successful?                                                                                             We bring efficiency to the construction industry

Turnkey Project

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