Used Products

“An old thing becomes new if you detach it from what usually surrounds it.”
– Robert Bresson

Are you searching for the ready-for-immediate-use second-hand product(s)? LTP Engineering offers used product(s) that usually come(s) from the markets or other permanent machinery installations. The condition and quality of each used product have been checked and monitored thoroughly by LTP Engineering technical service team to ensure that used product(s) is/are still functional and workable. For more information on the price(s) of the used product(s), please request a quote or contact us, and we glad to help you at any time.

A column or a pier is one of the main structural and vertical support of the bridge. LTP Engineering offers the most common type of bridge formwork, known as the High Durable Bridge Column Mold in a cylindrical orientation. Typical uses for constructing highway bridges, railway bridges, flyovers, etc. The size of this bridge column mold is Ø1200 mm x 4500 mm (L).

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