Design & Development

Throughout the design and development stage, LTP Engineering allocates the respective team to put all engineering assemblies and specifications together with detailed engineering drawings and BOM lists based on the approved design and specification from the preliminary stage as aforementioned. The design team designs projects accordingly and modifies the previous version of designs based on clients’ specifications. Most importantly, LTP Engineering reviews closely with clients about the design drawings and materials used to ensure that the project designations are acceptable based on the clients’ prior, mitigate any gratuitous over expenses, and minimize any changes for the following fabrication stage. LTP Engineering will always keep in touch with clients to refine and revise the project and design specifications, including PLC and HMI team if such projects (i.e., batching plant, wire caging machine, etc.) need complex control and computerized systems to perform it. Once the completion of the design and development stage, LTP Engineering will issue a firm quote to clients for the project progress, such as procurement, production and fabrication, PLC, and HMI programming for complex machines and projects, along with the budgetary cost estimations proposed in the first stage.

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