Project Definition & Inquiry

During this preliminary stage, the LTP Engineering team works jointly with clients to define and gather the project requirements and specifications. There are two ways to define the projects: LTP Engineering proposes conceptual layout drawings and presentations for clients to review, or clients can provide relevant information to the respective LTP Engineering team to review. Once clients’ approval is made, LTP Engineering purposes budgetary cost estimations, project timeline estimations, and project schedules for the whole project progress. Evaluation of the timeline and project schedule for project initialization and commissioning will be provided, and training for the respective operators will also be provided if necessary. In terms of flexibility, clients are welcome to adjust their fund expenditures, designs, and customizations to fulfill the current situation rather than follow the previous design layouts and uncompetitive prices. Depending on the projects based on the design layout and specifications approved, or some minor changes have been made by clients, LTP Engineering also provides additional proposals for the revised and detailed engineering assemblies with specifications to suit clients, which is related to the next stage.

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