Prestressed Plank Bed Mould

Prestressed Plank Bed Mould

Specially design for outdoor casting pre-stressed plank concrete bed that comes with the hydraulic tensioning system and stressing heads to strengthen a set of steel strands and fabricate more sturdy concrete pieces. This type of mold consists of supporting components with drill holes and sealing gaskets to provide an easy installation and ensure perfect sealing of the plank bed mold.

Moreover, featured with the vibrating systems on the side of molds to minimize concrete porosity and increase the concrete density. An optional heating system is applicable to speed up concrete hardening if the casting process is in a cold environment. Sizes of a single segment mold range up to 6000-12000 mm (L), 800-2500 mm (W), and 450 – 650 mm (H). LTP Engineering provides any customization based on the requirements given.

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