Block Making Machine

Block Making Machine

Nowadays, block-making machines are the quintessential concrete block makers due to low labor cost production, excellent quality, greater reliability, and a greater demand for economical construction materials. Such various raw materials and recycled materials are compatible with the production of thousands of concrete units, which come in different sizes and shapes. This modern technique of making concrete blocks comes with removable, interchangeable, and adjustable molds enhances the production capacity with the minimal manual workload.

LTP Engineering offers two cutting-edge automatic block-making machines, QT6 & QT10 models (technical specifications of each model listed below or in diagram sections). Both models consist of batch processing transfer systems, automated concrete mixers, and pressing systems. These machines can make Vibro-pressed hollow blocks, solid blocks, interlocking blocks, pavers, and other specific products and custom-made designs. Depending on the concrete block type and the concrete block making machine model, the concrete blocks can be produced typically up to 2000 blocks in an hour. LTP Engineering does provide any full customization of concrete block-making machine based on the specifications and requirements provided.

ComponentsSpecificationsQT 6 SeriesQT 10 SeriesRemark
QT Series Automatic Block Making MachineMain Machine QT Series


1 set each1 set eachSIEMENS PLC Control System & Frequency Control
Vibration Motor2 x 7.5 kW2 x 11 kW
Material Feeder2.2 kW4 kW
Pallet Feeder0.75 kW
Conveyor for Wet Block0.75 kW1.1 kW
BrusherDIA 180 X 860DIA 180 X 860
Hydraulic System11 kW22 kW
StackerFrameSBJ 6SBJ 6Frequency Control
Moving Motor1.5 kW1.5 kW
Elevating Motor1.5 kW2.2 kW
Simple CentralElectrical Cabinet
Control Panel
Conveyor for Main MaterialBeltB500 X 7MB650
Decelerator2.2 kWXWD4-17-4 (4kW)
FrameSteel StructureSteel Structure
Tension Device
Material Hopper

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