Box Culvert Mould

Box Culvert Mould

This detachable and retractable box culvert mold’s function is to fabricate a precast concrete ditch or drain with higher strength and corrosion resistance against any environmental impacts. The mold assembly is for manual operation by hand-joining the necessary elements based on the structural design given. It is an inverted U-shape mold (like n-shape mold) which has a top opening of the molds for concrete pouring as shown in diagram sections. One mold can only produce one type of wall thickness, but also it can fabricate either DWF or non-DWF (Dry Weather Flow) precast concrete ditch or drain. Non-DWF type has an inner flat base surface of the concrete, whereas the DWF type has a concave shape lower in between flat bases on the inner-base surface. 

Depending on the supplied set of box culvert molds, the sizes of concretes produced by molds possibly range from 400 – 4500 mm width (W) and 400 – 4500 mm height (H) for cross-section side, 60 – 200 mm wall thickness, and the span of precast ranges from 800 – 2000 mm long (L). Such mold has a base panel, two side panels, one of each front and rear panel, a retractable inner panel, and a DWF convex panel. Spacing cylindrical-tubes, Dywidag rods, and welded nuts are included as a locking system along the side and upper parts. Small precast concrete usually has one pair of weep holes, and even some larger precast concrete has two to four pairs of weep holes. These weep holes are for lifting purposes and on-site installation. Every mold panel comes with sealing gaskets to achieve perfect sealing and prevent uncured concrete leakage. Any recommendations or requisitions? LTP Engineering offers greater customization based on any requirements given.

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