Column Mould

Column Mould

This column mold consists of four L-shape individual mold panels with perfect sealing to allow concrete solidification and curing process inside the casting compartment surrounded by all mold panels. One upper and bottom platforms are provided besides all mold panels for easy maintenance and inspection. This column mold is used for casting vertical concrete columns reinforced with concrete wire meshes.

All mold panels must be dismantled and moved to the upper position with a crane once the concrete is completely solidified and cured. The whole setup drives upwards as in a vertical, using the bottom cured concrete column as a support. This setup is so much easier to transport and relocate due to its lightweight. It means that it is not like a long formwork for casting in one shot which its setup is much more expensive than the short column mold. The reference size of a single cure concrete column can be up to approximately 3000 mm (L) x 2500 mm (W) x 4500 mm (H). Any customizable fabrication needed? Find out more about LTP Engineering which offers various custom-made mold setups according to the specific requirements given.

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