Double Storey Industrial Building

Double Storey Industrial Building

LTP Engineering follows excellent structural engineering practices and provides fully covered or partially covered, basic structural or aesthetic designs, and custom-build or pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) with the best-suited list of raw materials according to the specifications needed. Typically, a standard pre-engineered type (PEB) is an original type that may not accommodate current industrial development. 

Unlike the custom-build type provides more optional features to offer more flexibility for clients to have it. LTP engineering ensures that every provision to clients meets the highest standard of all building codes and practices. Durable and safe building structures are the top priorities by incorporating the necessary amount of steel per square foot. Supposedly, the more steel used, the sturdier the steel structure building is, which is reasonable. Yet, it is an uncompetitive solution due to its over expenditure structure and wastages produced. LTP Engineering provides the best standard structural optimization and analysis that requires essential materials to give much stronger trussed structures with minimal wastages while fabricating the whole steel building. Request a quote if you wish to know more about LTP Engineering’s steel structural works.

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