Twin Vertical Cast Pipe Mould

Twin Vertical Cast Pipe Mould

Twin vertical cast pipe mold contains two hollow compartments with two individual inner mold columns, outer mold panels with pneumatic system, and bottom mold panels with lockable shaft and chain system to tighten both outer and bottom molds together. Generally, this mold is for vertically casting two concrete pipes with a certain pipe wall thickness at the same time. It is commonly used at the factory with vertical cast machines and systems. 

Without spinning the mold to create centrifugal force, this mold is specially designed for pouring and casting less-water content concrete mixtures through the opening of the top of the mold through gravitational force. Typical sizes of concrete pipes are about 500 – 700 mm ØOD, 300 – 500 mm ØID, taper portions are about 5°-15°, and the span/ height ranges from 2000-3000 mm. Other than the sizes mentioned above, LTP Engineering covers all full customization according to the requirements and specifications are given by customers.

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