Dry Powder Plant

Dry Powder Plant

A dry powder plant is widely known for its dry mixing powder system worldwide. In a dry powder plant, it is one of the essential phases in every powder production is blending. It combines powders in the heavy-duty industrial mixer to produce a valuable powder product. The whole plant comprises 5 to 12 stories and has a total weight of steel structures for about 800 – 1500 tons. 

Every steel structure work has a similar way to construct by using the prefabricated steel structure frame, consisting of steel beams, columns, roofing, purlins, wall panels, etc. All these prefabricated structural members are easy for transportation and on-site installation. The size of this dry powder plant varies according to the references provided by clients. LTP Engineering offers an all-inclusive range of building profiles, built-up systems, and structural designations to meet all clients’ cladding requirements. No matter if a steel structure building either low-rise or high-rise, LTP Engineering deploys the exact process flows to obtain the same impeccable excellent quality and standard across any steel structural work projects.

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