Feeder Machine

Feeder Machine

A movable concrete feeder machine features a storage hopper with vibration components, a tongue-like retractable conveyor system, and a control panel and power supply system. It serves as a concrete delivery to handle concrete from concrete mixers or traveling hoppers and distributes to the respective mold accordingly. The typical size of the movable concrete feeder machine is 7000 mm (L) x 2500 mm (W) x 2300 mm (H), attached with 1 m3 capacity of storage hopper rollers on guided rails.

Despite its lengthy size, it is a lightweight machine that can be easily moved around and transport to other locations. Simple structural design with retractable tongue-like conveyor system acts as a tongue to extend its conveyor system and so that it delivers the concrete from its storage hopper to the mold such as spun pipe molds. The purpose of a retractable tongue-like conveyor system is to ease the concrete distribution over the lengthy spun pipe mold. LTP Engineering offers custom-made movable concrete feeder machines to provide cost-effective production, perfect concrete distribution, and high quality and standard based on international standards. Depending on any requirements provided by customers, LTP Engineering provides full customizations of concrete feeder machines.

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