Fully Automated IBS Plant

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Fully Automated IBS Plant

According to the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), IBS (Industrialized Building System) is a modern construction process that utilizes components or building systems that involve prefabricated components and on-site installation. IBS plant can be known as one of the construction corporates to bring various building developments in undertaking infrastructure, residential, and commercial projects in Seremban, Malaysia.

LTP Engineering employs such cutting-edge and sustainable IBS technology as the latest adoption of the integration of this new construction methodologies to ensure that the construction time for completion, expenditures, and material wastage are optimally minimized and yet, delivering the best quality products and services, and high-efficiency production to exceed the expectations from clients. The IBS plant comprises a concrete batching plant production, storage areas for sands and aggregates, cements silos, concrete mixer towers, aggregate hoppers, traveling feeder hoppers, storage hoppers, vibrating casting tables, etc. It also houses numerous precast concrete systems, steel or timber framing elements, boxes with panels systems, formwork systems, and block work systems. There are lots of benefits by implementing IBS methods: easy production for the on-site constructions that are difficult for conventional construction method, waste control in terms of production management and material selections, decrease delivery time and speed up the construction process, reduction in reliance and expenditure on labor works, and energy-efficient construction process and planning. Any project initiations and customizations for the IBS plant, LTP Engineering offers flexibility to know more about clients proposing their requirements and specifications on what they need.

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