Steel Structural - Industrialized Building System

Steel Structural - Industrialized Building System

This steel structural building for the Industrialized Building System (IBS) plant can house numerous heavy-duty types of machinery and equipment, concrete batching plants, and office buildings. The IBS plant is a partially enclosed mid-rise building about 2 to 4 stories high, consists of a spacious factory floor provided for any types of productions related to concrete precast, storage area for concrete post-treatment, offices, etc. 

The total weight of steel structure for IBS plant is dependent on how big the plant is, typically ranges 1500 to 4000 tons. LTP Engineering commonly implements the Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) method to tailor the IBS Plant steel building. PEB consists of three distinctive sections, such as framing, structural, and roll-forming profiled sheet members: Framing member is the heart of the building structure like columns and rafters that support the whole building weight just like a human skeleton; Next, the structural member includes wall girts, eave struts, roof purlins, trusses, etc., that act as stiffeners just like human tendons and muscles; the last is the profiled sheet member that provides a shelter for the whole building from being getting wet or heat exposure. Both framing and structural members are usually prefabricated in the factory. Once done, all prefabricated members are ready to ship for site installation. Such advantages of the PEB method are very cost-effective, quick installation, and has a greater versatility for most of the applications. LTP Engineering provides clients greater flexibility by giving the relevant requirements and specifications for constructing the IBS plant.

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