Mass Rapid Transit

Mass Rapid Transit

LTP Engineering offers an open space typed five stories high roofed steel structural building with a large working area of about 300-800 tons of its total steel weight. This plant is similar to the LRT precast factory that can house numerous box girder precast molds and heavy-duty machinery shown in these diagrams. Why is an open-space area essential to any precast industry? It simply allows natural ventilation and direct heat exposure from the sun to pass into the building to enhance the drying process for the uncured precast concrete inside the molds.

It minimizes the construction schedule due to the optimum selection of raw materials and industrial prefabrication methods to efficiently build lighter, ductile higher strength, and economic building. Maintenance for such steel structural buildings is simple and easy to handle if a building is in a proper structural design. Based on clients’ requirements and specifications, LTP Engineering ensures that various steel products and building customizations are proposed and manufactured accordingly. Also, every steel structural building project built by LTP Engineering is always fulfilling such criteria according to the installation quality and environmental protection orders provided.  

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