High Profile Modular Concrete Batching Plant - 180m³/HR

High Profile Modular Concrete Batching Plant - 180m³/HR

One of the largest-volume-concrete-producing batching plants ever proposed and developed by LTP Engineering is the stationary-typed 180 m3/hr-capacity concrete batching plant that promotes a relatively economical way to produce high-output, high-quality concrete that suits any large-sized concrete precast industry. 

Such large-sized batching plants are typically used for large-scale infrastructure development like IBS buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. Like other batching plants, it covers every single stage of the concrete batching production process; batching storage, aggregate hopper system with a single charging opened conveyor system, concrete mixing house with control room, silos, etc. Cutting-edge concrete mixing technology and advanced twin-shaft concrete mixer provides a reliable production of the homogeneous mixing process and long lifespan with low maintenance cost. Moreover, this batching plant has the advantages of advanced software, a user-friendly PLC computer-controlled system, and a real-time simulation of the concrete production to ensure a better concrete mixing process with a minimum failure rate. Upon request, LTP Engineering provides the best of planning, customizing, and constructing concrete batching plants to any precast industries. Also, LTP Engineering guarantees that it has formulated tremendous interest among concrete producers due to its high durability, high quality, and ever long-lasting concrete production. Such batching plants developed by LTP Engineering are now available in several different formats to fulfill client needs. Specification of such batching plant is listed below.

180 m3/hr O/P Capacity Batching Plant Specification
Concrete Batching Mixer 3.0 m3 (x 1)
Model/NameTwin-Shaft Mixer CTS 3000
Mixer Volume (m3)4.5
O/P Capacity (m3)3.0
Max. Capacity (m3/hr) 180 (appx. 1 min per batch)
Output Mass (kg)7200
Mixer Motor Power Rating (kW)55 x 2
Discharging System Power Rating (kW)4
Working Voltage (V)415
Frequency (Hz)50/60
No. of Stirring Arms2 x 9
Mixer Weight (kg)9500
Dimension (L x W x H, mm)3800 x 2560 x 2120
Environment Temperature (°C)-10°C ~ 40°C
No. of Control Panel (unit)1 Set with Full Installation & Wiring
Hydraulic Control System for Mixer Discharging Door (x 1)
No. of Discharging Door (unit)1
Discharging Capacity (L/min)16
Power Rating (kW)4
Hydraulic Oil Volume (kg)16
Working Temperature (°C)-15°C ~ 77°C

Travelling Hopper 1.5 m3 (x 1)
Input Capacity (m3)1.5
Electric Motor Power Rating (kW)11
Voltage (V)415
Frequency (Hz)50
Current (A)27
Torque (Nm)1600
Traveling Speed (m/min)14
Control & Electrical Panels1 Set with Full Installation of PLC & Wiring
Type of SensorsOmron/ Schneider
No. of Pneumatic Cylinder for Door Open/Close1 unit
No. of Vibrator MVE 200 (unit)1 unit

Silo Tank (x 2)
Capacity (Tons)150 
Filling Rate (kg/min)1500 
Height (mm)11164
Diameter (mm)2900 
Vibrating Bin Aerator (units)
Pressure Valve (unit)1
Butterfly Valve (unit)1
Silo Filter (x 2)
Dust Collector Capacity (kg)1300 
Dust Emission (mg/Nm3)< 20
Silo Filter Height (mm)1150
Filter Diameter (mm)800
No. of Filter Rods (unit)14
Screw Conveyor (x 2)
Filling Rate (kg/min)350 
Screw Diameter (mm)255
Motor Power (kW)11
No. of Butterfly Valve (unit)1
Cement Buffer Tank (x 1)
Capacity (kg)1000

Water Tank (x 2)
Capacity (L)20000
Filling Rate (L/min)240
Height (mm)4656
Diameter (mm)2400 
Type of ValvesBall Valve 3’’
Water Buffer Tank (x 1)
Capacity (L)1500

Aggregate Hopper (x 1)
No. of Compartments (unit)4
Capacity (Tons)11
Discharge Rate (kg/min)1500
Load Cell 2.5 Tons (unit)4
Vibrator MVE 300-3 (unit)4
Height (mm)4200
Length (mm)14000
Width (mm)3000
Hopper Conveyor (x 1)
Speed (m/min)35
Motor Power Rating (kW)9.0
Max. Height (mm)944
Length (mm)15100
Width (mm)1140
Delivery Conveyor (x 1)
Speed (m/min)35
Motor Power Rating (kW)20
Inclination Angle20°
Max. Height (mm)1100
Length (mm)30200
Width (mm)1270
Aggregate Buffer Tank (x 1)
Capacity (kg)2500

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