Planetary Concrete Mixer

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Planetary Concrete Mixer

A planetary concrete mixer consists of a mixing system, temperature and moisture sensors, discharging system, a high-pressure cleaning system, and an inspection hatch. The mixing system consists of two mixing paddles that rotate around the vertical axle in an optimized rotating star-pattern motion and speed. It gives a counter-current mixing action to achieve the desired homogeneity and workability in a short mixing duration.

It has a lateral scraping paddle that scraps the remaining concrete attached to the mixer to ensure that all well-mixed concrete is discharged completely via discharging system. Customizable well-sealed discharge gate(s) comes with either hydraulic or pneumatic operation, sizes of the discharge outlets, and its angle of opening gates. It contains hydraulic hand pumps just in case of power failure. A wide inspection hatch provides easy access for maintenance.

LTP Engineering planetary concrete mixers have high precision machinery and cost-effective production, perfect water distribution, and high quality and standard based on international standards. The output capacity of concrete mixers typically ranges from 0.05-4.5 m3 or other than the range depending on customer requirements.

All Planetary Concrete Mixer Specifications

Specifications\ModelsCMP 50CMP 100CMP 150CMP 250CMP 330CMP 500CMP 750CMP 1000CMP 1250CMP 1500CMP 2000CMP 2500CMP 3000CMP 4000CMP 4500
O/P Capacity (L)5010015025033050075010001250150020002500300040004500
I/P Capacity (L)75150225375500750112515001875225030003750450060006750
O/P Mass (kg)12024036060080012001800240030003600480060007200960010800
Mixing Power Rating (kW)35.57.5111518.5303745557590110160200
Hydraulic Discharging System 

Power Rating (kW)

Pneumatic Discharging System 

(Optional: Hydraulic Discharging System upon request)

Planet/Main Planet (nr)1/21/21/21/21/21/21/32/42/42/43/63/63/93/93/9
Paddle (nr)111111111111111
No. of Discharging Paddles (nr)111111111122222
Mixer Weight (kg)700 110013001500200024003900620067007700950011000120001650017500
Lifting Power (kW)
Dimension (L x W x H, mm)950 x 790 x 1200 1670 x 1460 x 1450 1670 x 1460 x 16201860 x 1650 x 17801870 x 1870 x 18552230 x 2080 x 18802580 x 2340 x 21952890 x 2602 x 22203060 x 2760 x 23052320 x 2902 x 24703625 x 3230 x 26303900 x 3550 x 26953900 x 3550 x 29754560 x 4150 x 31054560 x 4150 x 3305

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