Rebated Joint Pipe Mould

Rebated Joint Pipe Mould

Specially designed for making concrete pipes for sewerages, drainages, and piping. The structure of every single mold has larger outer flanges with guided gaps at both ends to roll over the rail tracks given on the ground, for the spinning machine to spin it and create such centrifugal effect that allows concrete to be compacted easily along the inner wall of the mold, and to prevent concrete pour outflow while the spinning mold process is taken.  No matter how heavy those molds are, every mold is easy to handle for casting concrete and relocate to any other sites by hand pushing with just little effort (depends on how heavy it is) and so that the mold will roll over itself along the rail tracks without derailing itself. 

Typical nominal sizes of making rebated joint concrete pipe range 600 – 2100 mm ØOD, 54 – 73 mm pipe wall thickness, and the span of all pipes with different diameters and thicknesses are always 1520 mm (L). Any customizations needed other than the sizes of concrete pipe listed above? LTP Engineering does deliver custom-made molds based on any customer requirements.

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