Roof Steel Structure

Roof Steel Structure

LTP Engineering also provides customizable and fully enclosed steel structural work for commercial uses, such as grocery stores, hypermarkets, shopping centers, and many more based on the requirements provided. The total weight of steel structure for a commercial building usually less than about 1000 tons and the height is about 2 to 3 stories high.  In terms of construction speed, steel structure works reduce the timeline to commission buildings about 3 to 5 months earlier than a building made of reinforced concrete. Generally, steel is much heavier than concrete, but about quantity, steelwork requires a lesser amount.

It means that it is much lighter than those fully reinforce concrete buildings. Prefabricated steel structures are easy for on-site assemblies just like Lego, allowing the process much cleaner work, unlike the concrete pouring process. Commercial steel structure work has a lesser column or even column-free. Columns are seemed to block the views of shop windows which are not aesthetic and attractive enough. LTP Engineering creates planning solutions to properly increase the leasable space and multi-meter spans with minimum columns constructed along the building perimeters. Therefore, such solutions give glamor views and do not affect the overall outlook. It provides a significant reduction in steel consumption in the frame for about 20-30% savings. For safety purposes, every steel structure, coated with weather-resistant paint, chemical-resistant, and fire-retardant coatings, serves a longer life than the non-coated steel structure.

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