Special Crossing Span Segment

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Special Crossing Span Segment

Similar to MRT segmental box girders, it is a closed-type short-span single hollow trapezoidal segmental box girder. Precast segment girder formwork is designed to have the advantages such as high-precision and simple structure, leak-proof, easy-retractable, easy-demolding, and simple operation for casting concrete purposes. Due to its simple operative procedures, it is easy to relocate to any of the casting sites, and its mold panels are detachable after the concrete is finally achieving its desired properties. A motorized soffit table with hydraulic cylinders is much versatile and adjustable in its elevation and rotation orientation. Also, the soffit table is much easier to handle and deliver box girder concrete. This segmental box girder size for casting concrete is 6200 mm (L) x 3200 mm (W) x 2400 mm (H), and the overall compound size for the whole system is approximately 10 m (L) x 8 m (W) x 5 m (H). Depending on any request, LTP Engineering provides full custom-build box girder mold for making suitable sizes that are competitive in the market.

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