Spigot & Socket

Spigot & Socket

Spigot and socket pipe molds have a simple and rigid structure for casting concrete pipes with minimum defections. The purpose of spigot and socket pipe with rubber ring joint is to have an easy installation for consecutively joining concrete pipes with a proper seal to some controlled degree. This type of concrete pipe is suitable for any applications like underground drainage and sewerage systems due to minimum leakages. 

Typical nominal diameters of concrete pipes cast by socket and spigot pipe molds are 450 – 1800 mm ØID, 530 – 2050 mm ØOD, and the span of all concrete pipes are generally 3050 mm (L) long. The structure of spigot and socket pipes can be tapered or straight type. Customizations are one of the LTP Engineering expertise to provide a suitable structural design based on customer requirements.

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