Spun Pipe Plant with Distribution System

Spun Pipe Plant with Distribution System

Traditionally, spun pipe production only has pipe mold spinning sections to fabricate and concrete pipes by compacting an uncured concrete inside the spun pipe mold. However, the mechanical properties of non-reinforced concrete pipes cannot sufficiently accommodate any environmental factors such as compressive earth weight, constant live load vibration on the ground, chemically corrosive fluid environment, and excessive fluid pressure exertion. 

Without a concrete batching plant and concrete distributing system, there will be no high productivity to create a homogenous mixture of precast concrete and distribute concrete to the respective casting area in a short duration. Without reinforced cages, just like a human without a skeleton system, a non-reinforced concrete pipe will be very brittle even though it has high hardness strength. Without the latest technology, the quality of the product and productivity cannot fulfill the current standard of modern concrete pipe production. LTP Engineering offers the groundbreaking RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) spun pipe technology that includes imperative production sectors such as batching plant, wire cage machines, IBS plant, concrete-related machinery, and destructive testing equipment. All specifications of machinery in the spun pipe plant are listed below. Upon request, LTP Engineering provides the best of planning, customizing, and constructing spun pipe plants to any precast industries. Not only it enhances precast production efficiently and effectively, but it provides better quality and longer life expectancy of RCC pipes for approximately more than five decades or even over a century.


Spun Pipe Plant Specification

Spun Pipe Machine
Model/NameSpun Pipe Machine S5100125
Mold Length (mm)3050 
Mold Diameter (Ø, mm)300 – 2000
Power Rating (hp)100
Speed (rpm)Max. 1200
Input Voltage/Current/Frequency (V, A, Hz)415/ 200 / 50 – 60
Inverter Power (hp)120 
Brake SystemIncluded
Compact Shaft with RunnersDrive Shaft (1 unit), Idle Shaft (3 units)
Splash Board2 units


Spun Pipe Feeder Machine
Model/NameSpun Pipe Feeder Machine S5100125
Storage Capacity (m3)1.0
Input Power Rating (kW)6
Input Voltage/Current/Frequency (V, A, Hz)415 / 15 / 50
150 Feeder Arm300Ø min (1 unit)
Drive with Hydraulic SystemIncluded


Travelling Hopper 1.0 m3
Input Capacity (m3)1.0
Electric Motor Power Rating (kW)7.5
Voltage (V)415
Frequency (Hz)50
Current (A)18
Torque (Nm)1030
Traveling Speed (m/min)14
Control & Electrical Panels1 Set with Full Installation of PLC & Wiring
Type of SensorsOmron/ Schneider
No. of Pneumatic Cylinder for Door Open/Close1 unit
No. of Vibrator MVE 200 (unit)1 unit


Other Machines/Systems
Wire Cage MachineWC/WCSS-3500-250-36-TS
Compressive load testing systemUp to 100 Tons compressive force testing
Hydrostatic load testing systemUp to 50 kPa
Dead, Live, and Hydraulic Load TestingAll included
Lifting devices at demolding sectionUp to 12 tons concrete pipe/mold or both


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