Staircase Mould

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Staircase Mould

LTP Engineering offers an extensive range of made-to-measure vertical or horizontal staircase molds suitable for any construction with modern techniques according to customer needs. Such staircase molds provide either fixed dimension type or variable dimensions type with interchangeable inserts but depend on which kind of mold is made. Fixed dimension staircase mold has a simple structure, and it gives only a single type of staircase shape, whereas the variable dimensions type provides multiple choices of making a various number of widths or steps on the staircase with the help of interchangeable inserts. And some staircase molds provide interchangeable steps but without adjustable widths. Typical staircase sizes and specifications for vertical and horizontal staircases are listed below:

Horizontal Staircase:

  • Max. 13 steps with cut-back.
  • Max. landing dimension is 4260 mm (L) x 1500 mm (W) x 2615 mm (H).

Vertical Staircase:

  • Max. 13 Steps with cut-back.
  • Max. landing dimension is 4425 mm (L) x 2100 mm (W) x 2200 mm (H).

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