Storage Hopper

Storage Hopper

A storage hopper features either a stationary or movable temporary concrete storage container, simplicity or complexity control mechanisms with vibration components, hydraulically or pneumatically powered discharge door(s), either with a rail track and rolling system for the movable model or just in a fixed casting station, and a conveyor distributor in either one of them on requests. Fundamentally, the purpose of the storage hopper is to serve as a concrete storage/delivery to handle concrete distributed from traveling hoppers and then distributes concrete to the respective mold or concrete feeder machine accordingly.

The typical sizes of the stationary or movable storage hopper can range from 700 – 1500 mm (L) x 900 – 1500 mm (W) x 1400 -1800 mm (H), and the capacity of the storage hopper ranges from 1 up to 2 m3. Upon any requests, LTP Engineering always offers custom-made storage hoppers, can be either simple or smart-control system, to suit a given application and satisfy what customer needs.  Furthermore, LTP Engineering provides customers greater flexibility in terms of designing and customization. LTP Engineering will always offer cost-effective and high-quality storage hoppers with perfect concrete distribution features based on recommended or international standards.


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