Structural Steel Design – Spun Pipe Plant

Structural Steel Design – Spun Pipe Plant

Typically, a partially enclosed steel structural building for spun pipe plant is about 2 to 3 stories high with an oversized factory floor, allowing more spun pipe molds, cast concrete pipes, and heavy-duty machinery to enter the building. The total weight of steel structure for spun pipe plant is about 2000 to 2500 tons.  Most of the plant, especially concrete precast plant, generates lots of cement dust. 

Natural ventilation is a crucial part that regulates indoor climate and air quality inside the building via opening areas. It also provides fresh air into the building to avoid cement dust accumulated which contains a high concentration of crystalline silica. Without proper natural ventilation, prolonged or repeated exposure may lead to difficulty breathing in a mild situation and may also lead to silica-related lung diseases in a severe condition. The building structure for the occurrence of natural ventilation plays an important role that provides natural airflow uninterruptedly. Hence, this can eliminate breathing discomfort and eye irritation to production personnel and provide a safer factory compound. Additionally, proper natural ventilation saves unnecessary expenses of using dust extraction and wall-mounted high-pressure propeller fan and electricity. LTP Engineering provides a better steel structural layout to meet the criteria and create a safer working environment that mitigates respiratory hazard issues.

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