Twin Shaft Mixer

The benchmark for productivity and reliability.

Twin Shaft Mixer

LTP Engineering twin shaft concrete mixers (from 0.75-6 m3 capacity depends on customer’s requirements) are robust and heavy compared to other types of mixers on the market today due to a high strength steel structure, abrasion resistance, and torsional resistance. All these properties give a long-life expectancy.

Thick internal abrasion-proof linings with specific reinforced and hardened steel alloy double-helix or conventional shovel-blade paddle components in these twin shaft concrete mixers have been designed specifically for long wear life, and these have much better than other standard alloy materials. Twin shaft concrete mixers have the capability and versatility of mixing and blending any types of concrete mixtures, either very fine or very coarse concrete particles, in a turbulent mixing manner, to achieve the desired homogeneity. 

These mixers consist of an automatic lubrication system that maintains shaft seal well-lubricated, a pressurized water distribution system with a washout system that keeps the mixing process more uniform and rinses off residues adhered on paddles on both spindle shafts, and moisture with temperature sensors to monitor and ensure that the moisture and temperature content at an optimum level. Moreover, these mixing systems reduce energy consumption with a high productivity rate.

All Twin-Shaft Concrete Mixer Specifications

Specifications\ModelsCTS 750CTS 1000CTS 1250CTS 1500CTS 2000CTS 2500CTS 3000CTS 3500CTS 4000CTS 4500CTS 5000CTS 6000
I/P Capacity (L)1125 15001875225030003750450052506000675075009000
I/P Mass (kg)180024003000360048006000720072009600108001200014400
O/P Capacity (L)75010001250150020002500300035004000450050006000
No. of Stirring Arms2 x 52 x 6 2 x 6  2 x 7 2 x 72 x 82 x 92 x 92 x 102 x 112 x 102 x 11
Mixing Power Rating (kW) 30 37455537 x 245 x 255 x 265 x 2 75 x 2 75 x 2 90 x 2110 x 2
Discharge System Power Rating (kW)333333444444
Mixer Weight (kg)4500500055006000840090009500950013000145001650019000
Dimension (L x W x H, mm)2570 x 2080 x 19652780 x 2080 x 19652780 x 2080 x 1965 2950 x 2080 x 19653200 x 2650 x 2120 3570 x 2560 x 2120 3800 x 2560 x 2120 3800 x 2560 x 2120 4090 x 2910 x 24354370 x 2910 x 24354440 x 3130 x 27454750 x 3130 x 2745

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