Vertical Centrifugal Cast Machine

Vertical Centrifugal Cast Machine

Like the concrete batching plant, it is simply like a combination of hush puppy-style of concrete batching plant with conveyor system and several deep underground or shallow type of vertical cast molds just beside the batching plant. This compactness and space-saving vertical cast machine are much more cost-effective as compared to other traditional casting methods. It saves in construction costs, but also it is easy for installation and direct vertical casting process without the need for traveling hoppers and a complex concrete distribution to deliver concrete, thus resulting in saving labor costs and time to produce more high quality and competitive pricing pipes within a given plant compound. 

LTP Engineering offers high precision machinery and cost-effective vertical cast machines and production by using state-of-the-art vertical casting technology based on the international standards for precast manufacturers to fabricate higher strength, accuracy, and consistency in geometrical sizes of pipes. Customers are always welcome to furnish related requirements and specifications about the customization of concrete batching plants and vertical cast machines.

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