Wall Mould

Wall Mould

This wall mold has two side panels on the rail tracks connected to the base panel as well. Side panels’ size can be up to 8000 mm (L) and 3000 mm (H) that can fabricate walls up to 150 mm wall thickness (W). Optional mold design comes with a broad base panel for casting base concrete floor up to 2000 mm (L) x 2000 mm (W) x 40 mm (H) to support the vertical concrete wall shown in the diagram section. It is simply an indoor formwork mold with an upper part opening for concrete pouring consisting of several compartments for casting an extra portion of concrete-like stiffeners. 

Once a casted concrete wall is ready, it can be easily detached out and proceed to sandblasting or polishing processes to obtain a smooth wall surface. Also, it is an easy process due to its lightweight, rigid composition, and cost-effective production. Depending on any application, customers are free to provide any specifications for LTP Engineering to fabricate custom-made wall molds.

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