This WC/WCSS 2000-150-12-TS-series wire cage machine is simply a conventional semi-automatic cage welding machine that utilizes precut longitudinal bars to produce only circular wire cages in various longitudinal lengths and cage diameters for concrete pipes with or without a spigot section, known as the bell. The longitudinal bars are fed manually into the main body of the wire cage machine.

Such a machine has a 10000 x 8000 mm working area that consists of the wire cage mainframe with a rotating base device, welding transformer car, supporting cage rack (known as cage removal rack), driverless wire decoiler, and a control panel. There are many configuration options such as setting up parameters to produce specific sizing of wire cages, adjusting the speed of rotation while welding occurs, the speed feeding of the longitudinal bars while rotating, and the power setting for the welding parameters. All setups and specifications of this machine shown in table form below. It has better reliability and a long life span due to sturdy construction, higher productivity, greater flexibility, low maintenance due to its lightweight structure. Any customizations needed? LTP Engineering offers a custom-made wire cage machine to meet any requirements and specifications provided by clients.

WC/WCSS 2000-150-12-TS Specification
Model DescriptionWC/WCSS 2000-150-12-TS
Main ControlFully PLC Control & Encoder Feedback System
Touch ScreenYes
Input Current (A)200
Input Voltage (V)415
Frequency (Hz)50
Welding Capacity (kVA)150
Max. Cage Longitudinal Length (mm)3300
Cage Diameter (Ø mm)330 -2100
Max. Longitudinal Bar/Wire Capacity (pcs)12
Longitudinal Bar/ Wire Size Range (Ø mm)4 – 9
Wrap Bar/ Wire Size Range (Ø mm)4 – 9

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