A wire cage machine is one of the machines that fabricate wire cage frames instantly instead of applying a time-consuming manual welding process. WC-WCSS 2400-150-24-TS-series offers greater flexibility for any users to operate it conveniently. It allows users to input preset, save the parameters, and references permanently for future purposes, which means that with just one push, the system automatically interprets the preset and starts the welding to fabricate specific sizes of wire cages.

This series has a user-friendly PLC-control with a Touch Panel, a simple mechanism driverless wire decoiler, a standard motorized adjustable cage removal rack, a mainframe body with a 3-phase medium-frequency copper welding system, wire deflector with wire guiding devices, and a water-cooling system to prevent the welding process overheating. The mainframe body consists of the main body rotary cage, a wire pusher plate, variable-warp-diameter chained-pullers, and copper welders that work independently, driven by different AC motors. This series has the function of fully automatic operation to perform circular welding process automatically, and it is a pushing style to push all longitudinal bars while welding with wrap bar to form a single helix shape of wire cages. Such parameters are the variable/synchronous frequency speed control that adjusts the helix pitch, angle of the spigot/bell joint section, wraps diameters, and the welding capacity. This wire cage machine series has a workable space of 10000 x 9000 mm. LTP Engineering offers customizable wire cage machines other than the specifications listed below but powered by either AC motors or servomotors upon clients’ requests. Note that servomotors give higher precision and accuracy than AC motors based on how precise clients needed to produce wire cages.

WC/WCSS 2400-150-24-TS Specification
Model DescriptionWC/WCSS 2400-150-24-TS
Main ControlFully PLC Control & Encoder Feedback System
Touch ScreenYes
Input Current (A)200
Input Voltage (V)415
Frequency (Hz)50
Welding Capacity (kVA)150
Max. Cage Longitudinal Length (mm)3300
Cage Diameter (Ø mm)600 – 2400
Max. Longitudinal Bar/Wire Capacity (pcs)24
Longitudinal Bar/ Wire Size Range (Ø mm)4 – 9
Wrap Bar/ Wire Size Range (Ø mm)4 – 9

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