Through lots of analysis and clients’ needs, LTP Engineering develops the second-biggest series of WC-WCSS 3500-250-36-TS fully automated wire cage machine ever made that is high in quality standards, reliability, longevity, compatibility, and suitable for everyday harsh production and condition in the precast industry. It fabricates a round-type reinforced wire cage by implementing the resistance welding technology that does not require electrodes and shielding gas.

It has a 13000 x 9000 mm workable area, which comprises an ergonomically positioned smart PLC-control with a Touch Panel, a simple mechanism driverless wire decoiler, a standard motorized adjustable cage removal rack, a mainframe body with a 3-phase medium-frequency copper welding system, wire deflector with wire guiding devices, and a water-cooling system to prevent the welding process overheating. This machine has an intelligent PLC-control system that enables users to handle and program the essential data input. In this series, a program features and storage system allow users to store data and settings for future purposes. With just one touch, users can easily select the wanted cage sizing and the power setting needed to initiate the fabrication process. LTP Engineering offers a custom-made wire cage machine that can be semi-automated or fully automated. Clients can benefit from much lower labor costs and extreme productivity and quality with the LTP Engineering wire cage machine solution. LTP Engineering allows clients to have the flexibility to provide requirements and specifications of customizing wire cage machines other than the specification listed below.

WC/WCSS 3500-250-36-TS Specification
Model DescriptionWC/WCSS 3500-250-36-TS
Main ControlFully PLC Control & Encoder Feedback System
Touch ScreenYes
Input Current (A)300
Input Voltage (V)415
Frequency (Hz)50
Welding Capacity (kVA)250
Max. Cage Longitudinal Length (mm)3500
Cage Diameter (Ø mm)1050 – 3600
Max. Longitudinal Bar/Wire Capacity (pcs)36
Longitudinal Bar/ Wire Size Range (Ø mm)6 – 12
Wrap Bar/ Wire Size Range (Ø mm)6 – 12

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