In a modern world, reinforcement wire cages are getting more and more popular in piping construction projects, and they are quintessentially well-known around the globe. But some projects require a larger-scale machine to fabricate the large wire cages, which are yet available in most of the markets. Also, the conventional manual method to fabricate a larger wire cage is utterly time-consuming and labor-intensive progress, which is not very efficient and profitable for wire cage production in any circumstances.

To mitigate such an inefficient way of fabricating larger wire cages, LTP Engineering comes up with a solution to offer the finest WC-WCSS 4200-250-20-TS-series, the largest fully automated wire cage machine ever made in history for any large wire cages production. The larger size of the wire cage produced by this series is about the size of an adult elephant (max cage diameter and longitudinal lengths are 4200 mm & 3500 mm respectively, as listed in the specification list below), and this machine occupies about 15000 x 10000 mm workable area. Like other series of wire cage machines, this series has a smart-featured and user-friendly PLC-control with a Touch Panel, a simple mechanism driverless wire decoiler, a standard motorized adjustable cage removal rack, a mainframe body with a 3-phase medium-frequency copper welding system, wire deflector with wire guiding devices, and a water-cooling system to prevent the welding process overheating. The mainframe body consists of the main body rotary cage, a movable wire pusher plate, variable-warp-diameter chained-pullers, and copper welders that work independently, driven by different motors, either AC or Servo type upon any request provided by clients. With the LTP Engineering wire cage machine solution, such a high precision machine can automatically fabricate quality wire cages with a smart-PLC control system to straightforwardly set up with just one touch if all presets have been input in the respective system. Hence, it ensures the quality of finished goods has surpassed the standards required, and the productivity has speeded up to produce more quality products per given time.

WC/WCSS 4200-250-20-TS Specification
Model DescriptionWC/WCSS 4200-250-20-TS
Main ControlFully PLC Control & Encoder Feedback System
Touch ScreenYes
Input Current (A)300
Input Voltage (V)415
Frequency (Hz)50
Welding Capacity (kVA)250
Max. Cage Longitudinal Length (mm)3500
Cage Diameter (Ø mm)2000-4200
Max. Longitudinal Bar/Wire Capacity (pcs)36
Longitudinal Bar/ Wire Size Range (Ø mm)6 – 12
Wrap Bar/ Wire Size Range (Ø mm)6 – 12

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